In today's busy world, Accubusiness is looking to attain a position as the leading Accounting and Consulting firm for small to medium sized companies in Vancouver and the lower mainland. We aim to offer our clients the best possible service in the accounting and business consulting industry - Accubusiness is evenly priced, affordable with a strong professional and personal touch.

Industry studies and analyst projections indicate "the number of small businesses in BC has grown at a faster rate in the last ten years than any other province in Canada." (Western Economic Diversification Canada). As businesses increase, Accubusiness is looking to capitalize on this ever-increasing market. "BC's small business five-year growth rate of 17.7% is almost double that of the national average." ( Accubusiness provides services directly to this market and helps companies grow into the maturity phase which consists of consistent growth, security, and wealth.

In addition, we are looking to provide all Accounting and Consulting services while adding more value to these services and building strong relationships with our clients. Entrpreneurial companies continue to drive economic growth, and Accubusiness is there to help give our clients a competitive advantage.

Accubusiness also specializes in accounting for the Music Industry. We do accounting for Record Labels, Bands, Artists, and Recording Studios. We are proud to specialize in these areas as it has led us to many great opportunities in working with many sucessful labels and artists.

We share your viewpoint on tax: pay as little as you can. But most business decisions have tax implications, and tax legislation is complex and always changing - you need good advice.